Privacy Policy

Aji shopping is always committed to secure data system. Aji shopping care customers satisfactions. We conduct both consumers and business partner. As like other organizations we also have some privacy policy. Both consumers and our business partners must follow the privacy policy of Aji shopping.


For customer

If you want to make a business relationship with us you have to provide valid and true information. For better communication we may ask you some information. And you must have to provide these kinds of information. You have to provide us your personal information such as Name, Phone number, Email address, your location, your online banking information, mobile banking information and other information when required.


For business partners and suppliers

­We always care our clients both consumers and business partners. Our business partners also have to provide some information as like Name, Organization name, contact information both personal and official, email address, business location, e-TIN number, bank information both bank and mobile banking. And also have to provide any other information when it required.

Product Policy­­­

For customers:

We always committed to provide best quality product to our customers. It is sure and 100% guarantee that we will send you the product you’ve ordered. No fake products will be delivered. Sometimes it may take some extra time for unavoidable situations. Some of our products come from abroad. They may take some extra time. By using our service, you have to agree with these conditions.

For our business partner: You must have to provide genuine and original products. If we find anything false, we will take lawful action against you. And your agreement with us may be cancel. Because we are committed to our customers for real and best product.

Information Policy

Aji shopping will never share any information of our customers and business partners. Your information is safe with us. We asking you not to share any confidential information to any one or anywhere. If we find any one is sharing our confidential information to anywhere, we will take lawful action against you. And we both company and customers have to follow the digital security law of government.

For more information you can contact to authority any time by Phone and Email. We always will welcome you.